Saturday, September 25, 2010

What Does The Inside Of A Sailboat Look Like

Inspiration month

READ NANC Y (sunbeam)


September :
have an aspiration ...
Aspiration is a thirst of the soul, an enthusiasm to the new procedure, the unknown, a deep need
to get in touch with the Divine power, Divine Harmony, the Divine Love, a flame inner need to find the light. It is a bright enthusiasm that seizes be full ... will purifier, a need to know the Divine Love, light, beautiful, good, pure. The aspiration is characterized by the heat, the same intensity, but not by impatience or frustration.

Whence the anger?
The anger comes from external expectations. If your happiness depends on others, their attitudes and their actions, you made room for disappointment, frustration, fatigue, exhaustion, discomfort-and even disease. You must create your own happiness, so you fill internally.

NOVEMBER: Do you know what the trouble? It is your soul telling you that you have all learned from experience in particular. It's time to change, move, move forward. This applies to work, creativity, relationships, the spouse (s), lovers at all ... Let your soul speak to you and tell you where your happiness lies.

DECEMBER: The sun is always in us, shines in us, warms us, even if the exterior shows the opposite. Stay positive ... Everything we experience (joy, happiness), that we identify, can make a difference to our surroundings and the opposite too. Love life, smile at life, thank life, it will come back in all its splendor. Happiness is every second here and now, stop looking for happiness or wait for happiness. One day you'll look back and tell you that I would of ... what made you want to do, realize your desires ... your dreams, your projects. Waiting freeze, block, destroyed, but the action progresses. She takes us to the results.

JANUARY Claim your internal control. You're at the helm of your boat, you are the commander of your own life. You do can not be at the helm of your boat without having claimed and without opening the door. First, you must understand that you made that one with everything, and your soul is an integral part of the heart of the creation of all life forms and expressions. You must first "fall in love with yourself" . Your mind tells you that you are him and he is you. Second, you must activate, invite, open the doors to your guides, angels are around you. They are you, so they know you very well, they help you. With intent, let your child's heart and say: C Her inner divinity or God, I am ready to begin opening this door. Take my hand ... slowly ... slowly, show me the path.

* LOVE *
Love Can not Buy ... it unites.
Love is the affection towards his or her life partner.
Love is life-giving warmth.
Love is a life companion.
Love is all of us together.
Love is compassion for others. Love is a
endless staircase.
Love is the Light in turmoil.
Love is your breath.
Love is to be interested in another when we speak.
Love is to accept what the other says do not always complain.
Love is a flower garden.
Love is an encounter with oneself.


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